POWERSOUND Megaphones, Loudhailers and Speakers
All our systems are guaranteed for 12 months.
No smoke will come out ever.
We measure our power as RMS which is a better measure than max power

60 watt RMS system R5830 incl (or 240 watts max)

Cordless, wireless microphone gives greater flexibility
Radio receiver is built into the amplifier and is very compact and powerful
All systems come with all-weather horns and roof rack with rubber suction cups for quick installation and removal; with USB and SD card; FM radio; cigarette lighter plug; fully pre-wired, just plug and play; with microphone.
Bluetooth option available

80 watt system R7565 incl
Use for big areas
Very loud indeed
Roof racks made to fit small cars like Ford Bantam Bakkies
120 watt RMS system R9,800 incl (or 360 watts max)
200 watt RMS system R12,500

Triangular shape is very quick to load and remove.
Triangular shape is very stable; the speakers stay put in position and don't fall over.
The speakers are removed easily and very fast and put back fast and easily

School system
easy for kids to carry and simple to set up; very loud
120 watt RMS system during Ruwanda Presidential visit 2018; suitable music was played for people to celebrate to
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