White sound or sound masking increases productivity and privacy.

Case Study 1.

We installed white sound in a large open plan sales and admin office.
The large number of desks and workers crowded the floor space.
We installed white sound speakers at a spacing designed to create a uniform level of white sound.
The sound was not intrusive, but ran quietly in the background.
Workers were able to focus on their telephone calls and their work in privacy.

Case Study 2.

The boardroom of this listed company is situated on the first floor, next to a flight of tiled steps.
During board meetings all the offices on the first floor could hear what was said in the board meetings; and the voices carried clearly down the stairway to the ground floor.
We installed white sound in the boardroom at a level that was not noticable, and completely masked the sound of boardroom conversations.
Our client was delighted.

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